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Real World Evidence (RWE) is built on the backs of many types of aggregated data. Similar but not equivalent data is often aggregated from different providers like hospitals. The similar but not equivalent data results in challenges for interpreting and normalizing these aggregated data into a consistent and usable dataset.

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TL/DR: To save acme.json file with LetsEncrypt details for Traefik — volume mount parent directory with Traefik container and configure … inside that parent directory /shared/acme.json

# Skipping parts that aren't relevant in docker-compose filevolumes:
- ./shared:/shared


Nope, the picture has nothing to do with this…

Wow - most of the highly upvoted commenters are idiots.

Generally women and minorities have to be 2X or better to get the same job. Most are dealing with performance anxiety because if they make ANY mistake - it's an indictment on all women/minorities everywhere. It's idiotic that we need to prioritize diversity (and we absolutely should) when the diverse candidates are more determined and smarter than the typical candidates purely because they have been discriminated against since grammar school.

My hiring approach is to figure that anyone that can deal with this BS, still wants the job, and perform is someone I really want on my team. If other people are too stupid, stuck on themselves to see this - I'll happily work with the better talent that they will accept.

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Intercom, the customer support tool, is really good at a lot of things — their help documents (Articles) tool is not one of those things. I didn’t see any easy way to extract the documents we had created in Intercom so I had to find another way to liberate them.

I looked into their API, but it was not apparent how to access it as a customer instead of an integration application developer. I created a web-scraping script to extract our content and associated screenshots/images.

This is a quick hacked together script to do what I needed (migrating the HTML content into MkDocs (a markdown static site documentation tool). Feel free to use it, extract some code from it, or run away screaming :)

William Hayes, PhD

Biomedical Data Science/Text Mining

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