Fully agree this is the direction we need to go.

Managing use of private data is the only way to go forward. There is too much value to our society in lots of data that is considered private (healthcare data is a big one - knowing that 10 residents of an apartment died of a specific cancer is really valuable and impossible to extract out of our current healthcare system with data pooling to preserve privacy. The more detailed you get - the more potential value for the public good is accessible. Using this data to deny insurance coverage or punish people for lifestyle choices should be what is prohibited - not access to the data.

We are already at a point that people can sequence someone's genome from leftover DNA in public spaces and generate a (currently poor) picture of them. How soon before we can grab someone's DNA, evaluate all of their genetic defects, generate a picture of them to verify who they are, evaluate their life choices as captured in their epigenomics?

Privacy has been dead for a long time - not recoverable without drastic changes to EVERYTHING in our society. Determining what is permissible to do with private data - that is where we need to focus.

Biomedical Data Science/Text Mining

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